Quality first


is our motto, which we follow in our daily operations. Achieving the highest level of quality is paramount to us. This initiative covers a range of management, personnel, supplier, design, manufacturing and customer service activities to make sure we achieve our zero error goal. These activities are part of several programs implemented across the company.


Highest level of production quality

Thanks to our qualified employees handling production processes in a semi-automated way and quality control at many stages, we are able to achieve the highest quality of our end products while maintaining a very high level of accuracy and efficiency of production.
We are constantly working on raising our quality standards by improving our production processes.
We also consistently search for and implement best practices, ensuring that our processes and products are manufactured with the highest efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating product and environmental risks. Based on this, we use our knowledge and experience to ensure high quality, reliability, performance and durability of our products as well as the shortest possible delivery time.
We manage to obtain the most important certificates, which are a guarantee of the highest level of quality:

IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015

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